The Pandemic’s Positives

The Pandemic’s Positives

Coronavirus, the word itself sounds like a threat nowadays. Nobody had even imagined just a small virus would shatter the whole world. Thousands of people lost their loved ones, companies lost millions of revenues and the world economies have shaken. It has created deep and heavy impacts on our lives.

Every bad situation has a positive. Even a dead clock shows the correct time twice a day.

So it wasn’t all bad that this virus brought. Although majority was, but there were even some positive impacts that it created which we overlooked or maybe did not know.

Pollution levels

Yamuna river before and after the lockdown.

One of the major results of this virus was unprecedented fall in the pollution levels. Countries like USA, China and India are the major contributors for pollution around the globe. Around 7 million people die every year around the world due to air pollution. Them being affected by coronavirus has brought insane drops in the pollution levels reviving the planet itself to breathe.

Mental Peace

Mental peace was just a theory for everyone until the coronavirus outbreak started. When was the last time you just sat at a place and simply appreciated the present. In our busy lives we are just under stress and pressure everyday. Struggling through the days just for a chilled weekend. But now with practically nothing to do but hope for betterment, it has made our mind completely stress free. And that is what you can call peace.

Hours of Joy

I am sure we all must have atleast once spent some good and quality time with our families this lockdown which otherwise would never have been possible except for on a vacation. The environment we live in is full of negativity. Nobody has time for their loved ones. But now we know how amazing it feels to spend some time with your family. Maybe play a game of cards, or get nostalgia looking at your old photos. Well this is what you can call some moments of joy.


If to point out one basic and positive change out of all this then it has to be hygiene. We never really bothered earlier whether how clean our hands are before popping a toffee, or sharing a snack with our friends. Forget washing hands I had friends who bathed once a week, but not anymore. Strange how it took a whole pandemic for them to realise the importance of hygiene.

Going Vegan

The coronavirus pandemic has been so devastating that millions of people have turned vegan. Although this has its own negatives too but according to the United Nations, a report says eating large amounts of meat, particularly processed meat, is not that healthy for humans. Additionally they also stated that plant based diet is also beneficial for the environment.

Beauty of Nature

Have you ever wondered what the early morning sunrise looks like at such low pollution levels? All I thought was it looks the same as the sunset in the evenings until I actually saw it few days back. The nature is magical and it has its own beauty which we fail to observe. So if you haven’t, the world has not ended yet. Try getting up early enjoying the early sunrise view along with the birds chirping and the cool breeze.

In the end it’s all life. There are good times and there are bad times but we must appreciate the fact that we are alive and get through this pandemic to tell the future generations how just a tiny little virus turned the world upside down. Stay safe and apart to do your part. Do tell us about the amazing moments you had with your family in the comments below.


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