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IGCSE Physics Paper 2 MCQ

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Cyber Crime Complaints

What to do when you lost money in Online Fraud: Call Cyber Security Helpline 155260 to register your Cyber Crime Complaints

Advance technology has changed our day-to-day life activity be it banking or business each can be done with a click. But this technology has introduced a crime known as cybercrime in multiple forms like phishing, cyberstalking, botnets, or Online money scams. The government has introduced a helpline 155260 to register Cyber Crime Complaints. According to…
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Dassault Rafale: A Child Born with Controversies-(I)

Since 2016 many of us have heard about the word “Rafale“, either on trending topics of Twitter, News Channel or from our Intelligent Opposition Leaders. HERE IS THE WHOLE STORY WHICH EVERY INDIAN SHOULD KNOW: After the Kargil War in 2003 Indian Airforce(IAF) urged a need for a new Fighter plan. Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government…
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5 Life Lessons To Learn From Thanos

Marvel has always been top notch with its movies. Whether be it Marvel’s Avengers or the thrilling Avengers Endgame, all of them just keeps us glued to our seats. Despite the fact that Loki in the inital movies wasn’t much desirable on the villain’s part. But Thanos stepping in took the whole game to another…
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The Pandemic’s Positives

Coronavirus, the word itself sounds like a threat nowadays. Nobody had even imagined just a small virus would shatter the whole world. Thousands of people lost their loved ones, companies lost millions of revenues and the world economies have shaken. It has created deep and heavy impacts on our lives. Every bad situation has a…
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