The Visitor : Chapter 3

The Visitor : Chapter 3

It was pretty dark.

The mobile flashlight was not sufficient and both of them were struggling to make themselves comfortable. The girl was very scared and looked timid, but that did not mean he was comfortable with her inside the house. The appearance did not prove her innocence.

Mohan placed an emergency lamp in the living room, offered her some water, and calmed her down.

“There is a landline nearby the television table.” He reminded her of the reason for her presence.

She did not reply, nor did she say anything since she had entered the house.

“Ma’am, washroom is this way if you are looking for it.” Mohan said, trying to break the silence. No response from her again made Mohan a bit confused. She kept staring at Mohan while he spoke, but did not utter a single word throughout. She did not even weep as earlier. Her tears had all dried up, but her face was still pale and did not express any emotion. She kept staring at various objects in the house and finally walked towards the telephone.

“Dead,” She said.

A sudden chill went down Mohan’s spine on hearing those words. He got himself into place and walked towards her, he took the receiver from her and checked it himself.

“I don’t know when the line went dead, even my phone is dead.” The girl as usual did not respond, she looked at him and walked away. She went towards the bag she carried and started searching for something.

Mohan being observant, tried to predict her moves, he was scared and confused and didn’t know what to do. The girl took out her phone from the bag.

“Do you have a power bank by any chance?”, she asked.

Nodded Mohan in denial.

She then settled on the couch tensed with the situation.The only next thing they were expecting was some miracle and to their rescue the electricity came back. That eased down the environment for both of them.

He insisted the girl to get freshened up and calm down a bit until he made a cup of tea for both of them. Mohan quickly prepared some ginger tea and the girl washed her face and they both sat at the dining table.

“Your house is very beautiful, do you own it?”, She asked.

“Thank you but no I am not the owner. ” Mohan replied.

“Well I am so sorry I forgot to mention my name. I am Shanaya. I am an engineering student at the Udaipur University. I know I am causing a little trouble to you”

“a little?..” Mohan replied sarcastically to lighten her up.

They both grinned.

Although Mohan was interacting but somewhere deep inside he was still uncomfortable with her presence inside his house. It was already 2 o clock. His locality was all silent while his situation was a complete chaos.

“Hello, my name is…,”

“Mohan right?” Shanaya interrupted.

“How do you know my name?” Mohan asked, sounding totally terrified.

“well… I saw your ID card on the desk in your room next to your GoPro” She replied.

This just added to Mohan’s discomfort.

“Well Can you please get me a charger?”, asked Shanaya sipping the cup of tea.

“Yes, sure”, replied Mohan heading towards his room.

While moving across the room he could not escape his gush of thoughts. Even though the girl looked safe she was not a comfortable acquaintance.

Should i let her stay?

What if something goes wrong at night?

What if she is a liar?

What if she is running from the cops?

Between all of these suddenly he hears a loud crashing sound from the living room and he rushes out.


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