The Visitor : Chapter 2

The Visitor : Chapter 2

It was 12 pm when Mohan woke up, his hangover still reminding him of the guilt of drinking too much and that’s when he made a fake promise to himself that he would never drink again.

He didn’t have any plans for Sunday and so he decided to focus on the passionate side of his life, the vlogging. Finally after 3 cups of tea and a lot of editing, it was 1.30 am when Mohan was heading towards his bed. Suddenly he heard the sound of his door bell.

Ding dong! Ding dong!

It rang many times. He was paralyzed for a few seconds wondering who it could be at this hour of the clock. As he was heading to peek through the peephole the power went off. Mohan stood by the door in pitch darkness. Suddenly he heard strong thuds on the door. He could not find the courage to open the door. There wasn’t a single sound post that. He could hear his own breath. Mohan could not understand whether this was an illusion or reality. His breath and his thoughts were growing deeper with each passing second. His thoughts were interrupted with a huge bang on the door.

“Is someone there inside, please help, please open the door,” a voice cried for help.

Mohan turned all grey.

He immediately got his phone out and turned on the flashlight and with a lot of courage opened the door. A girl filled in tears was standing in front of him. She was in a completely messed up state. She was shivering and seemed traumatized.

“Please help me, I just need to make a phone call” she wept.

Mohan hesitantly replied “I’m sorry ma’am, but I can’t let you inside my house, specifically at the current situation. It is way too dangerous.”

The girl pleaded “Please, they have not seen me, I have seen a murder”.

“I’m sorry what!! Ma’am that’s way more menacing” Mohan anxiously replied.

The girl implored “I have been hiding all this while, please help”

Mohan could not resist her. Her face looked all pale along with her mascara completely smudged due to tears. She looked like she had been crying for hours or maybe days.

Mohan let her inside, but his mind was trafficking with a bundle of thoughts, but primarily with the words of his friends.

Was it the end which Mohan was bound to meet?

Will he also be reported as a corpse in the morning or will his corpse never be found by anyone?

Was it his turn today?

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